December 8, 2019 was another exciting day in Bethel as it ended a year of celebrating 175 years of existence.

Bethel had several events during 2019 to revel and Christmas in Bethel was no exception. Visitors shopped for unique handmade gifts in the vendor area located in the heated red Colony barn. There was continuous entertainment throughout the day, delicious treats in the new food shack and at Das Bakery, and a German smorgasbord in the Fest Hall. Children enjoyed crafts and assembling wooden toys at Decades Olde, as well as the candy cane hunt.

The decorated streets and Christmas music added to the festivities. Several people enjoyed the Christmas home tour that included Elim and Colony houses. Another highlight of the day was the presentation of a resolution from Representative Louis Riggs that recognized Bethel as being 175 years old. Representative Riggs expressed appreciation to the community for keeping traditions alive.

After Vespers at the Methodist Church there was a candle light walk to the bandstand for the official lighting of Bethel.

Thanks to the many volunteers and supporters who made this a memorable annual event, and to the many visitors who spent part of their day with us. Merry Christmas to all!