Thank you to the following members for supporting the work of Historic Bethel German Colony, Inc.

Ahen, Terry
Bacon, Ray
Bier, John & Suzanne
Boling, Marjorie
Botkins, Carolyn
Brumbaugh, Wendeline
Carr, Rodney
Coonrod, Mandy Brittinham
Coonrod, Marge
Cutter, Dennis & Renea
Douglas, Deb
Hewitt, Roger & Jerri
Jenkins, Carolyn
Knight, Ron
Lewis, Linda
Light, Bobbi & Bill
Martha Jane
Mesmer, Judy
Minton, Paul
Pepper, Darrell & Jeanne
Shouse, Don & Marilyn
Smith, Paul C.
Smoot, Larry & Diane
Snider, Dwain
Spilker, Herman & Cheryl
Staples, Patricia
Steinbach, Susan
Swartzentruber, Anna
Thompson, Les
Tuggle, Dennis & Yvonne
Vannay, Debbie & Charlie
Vanskike, Darrell & Becky
Wallace, Gary & Linda
Williams, Wilcox
Wood, Ginger

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