Annual Adult Fiddle Camp to be held in Bethel, Missouri

April 29 thru May 2, 2020

Open to adults (18 & over)  interested in learning to play traditional fiddle, guitar or mandolin or to sharpen already learned skills. Minimal basic skill on the instrument is required (know how to hold and tune the instrument; can play a few basic chords or melodies). Space and Enrollment is limited to 15. Please print or type. Housing, other than camping is limited, so early registration is encouraged.

The camp is held in Bethel, Shelby County, Missouri, a quaint rural hamlet situated in the rolling farm country of Northeast Missouri. Open to aspiring fiddle and guitar players. Adults are housed in the numerous B&B’s about town and take meals there or in the Fest Hall, as available. Camping, both primitive and RV is available, too. There are motels, too, but require a little driving each day. Contact Wendy Brumbaugh for more info.

REGISTRATION: Information and registration forms available for download (click link below for PDF download):
2020 Adult Fiddle Camp Registration Form

Contact Wendy Brumbaugh at 573-633-2640 or e-mail for more information.